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Latest Updates:

11/26/2017 6:29:30 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Off Season Workouts Start This Week 11/27-12/1

Hello Everyone,

Off Season workouts start this week in the fitness center at Souhegan. This week we go Mon Tues Thur from 430pm-6pm. Friday workouts are TBD.

-Coach Bowkett


11/7/2017 5:04:21 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Team Meeting/Equipment Turn In

Hello Everyone!

First thanks to all for a successful 2017 season at all three levels. It was a pleasure getting to be with your boys for 2 hours everyday.

Tomorrow, Wed Nov 8, after school starting at 2:45pm we will be taking care of a few house keeping items. We will a quick team meeting followed by equipment turn in with lockers cleaned out. Big items that players historically get charged for if not returned are game jerseys, helmets and shoulder pads. 

Varsity will then have a quick final film session to follow equipment turn in.

We will have a team banquet, most likely after the new year so be on the look out for those emails. We will also be starting out off-season training program soon so please encourage the young men to get bigger, stronger and faster. We had a good look at the standard of where we want to be after Saturday's game vs Plymouth. 

Thanks again and do not hesitate to reach out for anything.


10/23/2017 11:12:49 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Week Ahead 10/23-10/28

Week Ahead 10/23-10/28


Var Film in Café 3pm-5pm

Frosh have OFF (sorry parents for late notice)


Prac 4-6pm Simeon Uppers


Prac 5-7pm Turf Full


Var Film 3pm Walk Thru 4pm

Frosh 3pm Lift or Game vs Windham. Will update soon parents!


Prac 4-6pm Simeon Uppers


Var Game at Hollis. Time looks to be 2pm and will confrim.

Thanks again for all that you all do for the young men!

Coach Bowkett

10/15/2017 7:01:12 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Week Ahead 10/16-10/20


JV Game at Sanborn 4pm (Bus leaves at 2pm and players get dismissed at 1:30pm)

Var Film in Café 3pm

Var Prac Simeon Wilson 4:45pm


Prac 4-6pm Simeon Uppers


Prac 5-7pm Turf Full


Prac 4-6pm Simeon Uppers


Senior Night Game vs Hillsboro/Deering 7pm

More details to follow on what time senior parents should arrive down to the field

Thanks again for all the continued support this fall!

Coach Bowkett?

10/8/2017 7:30:40 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Week Ahead 10/9-10/13

Mon Columbus Day

Var/JV Film 4pm

Frosh Lift/Film/Prac 4pm

Var Turf 5:45pm

(everyone should have both cleats and sneakers)


Team Pictures 3pm in bleachers (need black jersey and black game pants)

Prac 4-6pm Simeon Uppers


Prac 5-7pm Turf Full


Prac 4-6pm Simeon Uppers (Team Dinner to Follow)

Frosh at Milford 5pm


Var at Home vs Sanborn 7pm

(walk thru/young guy prac TBA)

10/4/2017 1:23:40 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Team Pictures Tues 10/10

Hello All,

We have team pictures after school at the stadium Tuesday Oct 10. Please bring home black jersey and pants. I'll remind the players as well but wanted to send this out before I forgot. 

Thank you!

Coach Bowkett

10/2/2017 3:08:06 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Practice Change for Tues 10/3

Schedule change for tomorrow Tues 10/3 We are 4-6pm on grass in uppers, NOT 545-745.

Dick had it wrong on the schedule. Sorry for late change but I just found out.

Thank you!

10/1/2017 6:22:49 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Week Ahead 10/2-10/6

Week Ahead 10/2-10/6

Hello Parents and Friends!

Thanks for another great crowd on Friday night. Just an awesome night all around with Hope for Gus and big time win vs Milford.

Schedule for Week is Below


JV game at Milford 5pm (Bus leaves at 4pm and players wear your lowers on the bus)

Var Film at 3pm and workout to follow


Prac on Turf 545-745pm Uppers


Prac on Turf 5-7pm Full


Prac on Turf 5-7pm Uppers


Var walk thru 230pm

Var Game at West 6pm (Bus will leave around 4pm)

9/27/2017 5:15:45 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Attention Freshman Parents

Freshman Parents

Tomorrow's freshman game vs Windham is up in the air due to only one official signed up so far. The game has been moved to 6pm to see if we can get a few more takers. There is however, a good possibility that we will not have a game. Dick will let me know in the morning and then I'll relay the message to the boys and then they can text you guys and let you know. Sorry for any inconvenience as Dick informed me about the referees today. We will worry about the things we can control.

Thank you!

Coach Bowkett

9/24/2017 12:24:31 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Week of 9/25-9/29

Parents and Friends,

Thank you to you all who made the trip out to Windham. The boys are playing some inspired football and thank you for your support. Below is schedule for the week of 9/25-9/29


Varsity Film 3-430pm in Cafe

JV Home Game vs Windham 5pm


Practice 4-6pm Simeon Wilson- Uppers


Practice 5-7pm Turf- Full


Practice 4-6pm Simeon Wilson- Uppers

Freshman Home Game vs Windham 5pm


Var/JV/Frosh Walk Thru TBA

Varsity Home Game vs Milford 7pm Hope for Gus Night

Thank you!

Coach Bowkett

9/17/2017 6:45:26 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Week Ahead 9/18-9/22

Parents and Friends,

Thanks for a great crowd on Friday night. Below is the schedule for this week.



Varsity Film 4-6pm

JV Home Game vs St Thomas 6:15pm wearing black (jv players arrive at 430pm in locker room) Also sorry any confusion on this. St Thomas made a late switch when they had to put another sport on their field.


Practice 4-6pm Simeon Wilson- Uppers


Practice 4-6pm Simeon Wilson- Full


Practice 4-6pm Simeon Wilson- Uppers



Thank you and I'll be better at sending the the weekly schedule a few more days in advance.

Coach Bowkett

9/10/2017 7:06:30 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Week Ahead 9/11-9/15

Parents and Friends,

Below is the schedule for the week ahead. You may have noticed that our schedule each week is slightly different. We shoot to get on the turf as much as we can, when we can get it.  If any questions, do not hesitate to reach out but we appreciate everyone's flexibility. Friday night is going to be electric and it should be a great game vs St Thomas.

Thanks for all the support!



4-5pm: Film

5-6pm: Turf Helmets


4-5pm: Lift

5-6pm: Film


515-715pm: Turf Uppers


515-715pm: Turf Full



4-6pm: Grass Uppers


5pm Game on Turf at Home

Team Dinner




3-4pm Walk Thru Grass Helmets

730pm Home Game vs St Thomas

9/7/2017 3:52:38 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
End of Week

Hello All!

Please excuse late notice for tomorrow Friday Sept 8.

Varsity Walk Thru 330-430pm Helmets Simeon Wilson

JV Walk Thru 430-530pm Helmets Simeon Wilson

JV Game Saturday Sept 9 930am at Home vs Trinity

Week of 9/11-9/15 will be emailed/posted soon!

Thanks again for all the support,

Coach Bowkett



9/1/2017 7:51:08 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Next Few Days and Week Ahead

Parents and Friends,

Update for next few days and week:

9/1 Friday Prac 4-6pm Uppers-Simeon Wilson

9/2 Sat Bus leaves for John Stark at 11:15am. Game time 2pm.

9/4 Mon Varsity Film 4pm JV game 5pm- Coaches have asked for young guys to arrive at locker room at 3:45pm

9/5 Tues Prac 4-6pm Uppers- Simeon Wilson

9/6 Wed Prac 5-7pm Full- Turf

9/7 Thur Prac 4-6pm Uppers- Simeon Wilson

Have a great first week of school!

Coach Bowkett

8/28/2017 6:12:07 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Practice Update

Hello All!

Update to practice this week. 

Tues: 5-7pm-Simeon Wilson-Uppers

Wed: 5-7pm-Simeon Wilson-Full

Thur: 5pm Team Meeting-Learning Commons 6pm Turf-Helmets 7pm Team Dinner-Cafe

Fri: TBD but should be around same times.

Sorry for slight change and thanks for flexibility. 

Coach Bowkett

8/27/2017 7:42:04 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Monday Aug 28

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for all the support for the car wash on Saturday and for those who came to the jamboree Friday night. It was a great two days to finish the end of pre-season camp and propel us into the regular season.

This week we are in game week mode but will be on similar camp schedule. 

Monday we have team meeting just like we have all camp at 5pm with practice to follow. We will be done somewhere between 730pm-8pm and I'll let you know for sure. I'll also let the players know so they can text parents ahead of time. 

I'll update the week's schedule soon but it will be somewhat similar to what we have been doing but practice might get out a little earlier.

Thanks again for the continued support,

Coach Bowkett

8/24/2017 7:09:24 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Friday Night's Manchester Jamboree

Hello All,

Just updating on tomorrow night's varsity jamboree at Gill Stadium in Manchester. 

4-5pm- Varsity Walk Thru/Frosh Practice

630pm- Bus leaves for Gill Stadium

830pm- Game Time vs Concord

A few freshmen have been asked to travel with the varsity. All Soph Jr and Sr are required to attend. 

We are the away team so we will be in away white pants and jerseys.

Between 5-630pm, players should be getting a meal in at home or elsewhere. Players can also bring $5-$10 for food at concessions for after the game if they wish. 

All players have off from football activities Saturday and Sunday. Saturday obviously is the car wash at the Fire/Police Station. 

8/21/2017 8:46:08 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Update for Today and Varsity Game Schedule

Hello Everyone,

Two updates with today's email.

First, we will not start our joint practice with Goffstown today until 330pm. We go 3:30-4:45pm first practice in uppers, then food in cafe and then we finish up 7-9pm in full pads all on the turf. The players know that we start stretch at 3:30pm so should be on field by 3:20pm. Obviously, no one would should ever look at the sun.

Second, our varsity schedule has changed. Trinity has dropped varsity football and we will not play them this year for varsity. Because of them dropping, we now have to have an equal number of home and away games. The game that the committee decided to change was week 1 and now we will be playing at John Stark HS Saturday Sept 2 at 2pm. It is not ideal but we need to adapt, improvise and overcome.

That is all for now but do not hesitate to reach out.

Coach Bowkett

8/19/2017 4:17:23 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Today 8/19

Great effort and energy for the scrimmage yesterday. Thank you to everyone that came out to support in the heavy rain.

Today the boys have meetings at 830am and then on the field 930-12. We will have pizza right after in cafe as we are doing our mini-blitz for our fundraising cards right after practice. Should be finished somewhere between 1-2pm. 

Remind the boys to bring their cards that were handed out to them Wed night! 

The boys will then have off Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday in preparation of our joint practice with Goffstown Monday afternoon/evening. More details to follow. 

Thanks again!

Coach Bowkett

8/18/2017 6:58:32 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Scrimmage Today

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for a solid week and half. I think the players have been adjusting well to the new culture.

Scrimmage today vs ConVal is still on and will adjust with the weather. Scrimmage starts at 6pm and players know that dynamic stretch is at 5:15pm.

I have an update on the apparel that was ordered over the summer. Word is that Under Armour felt like August was a good time to roll everything over to a new computer system and everything is back ordered. They are currently receiving around 3000 calls and emails a day as this is a nationwide issue. Apologize for any inconvenience but I'll keep you updated once I get updated. 

That is all for now. Thanks again for continued support.

Coach Bowkett

8/10/2017 8:33:42 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Paperwork and Hydration

Parents and Players,

Great first night of practice. Keep the energy up and keep bringing the juice.

There are a few players, mainly upperclassmen, who still have paperwork they need turned into Pam the athletics office manager. Those medical and information forms to be handled asap or else those players will not be able to practice. 

Another friendly reminder is for all players to hydrate with water and Gatorade. Soda is bad for you. Eat plenty during the day and something before practice. Carb load and chocolate milk is perfect as well to fuel your body. Rest and sleep are equally as important! I'll remind you all after practice.

Coach Bowkett


8/9/2017 4:26:27 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Pre Season Day 1

Hello All,

Great turn out for equipment issue yesterday. A few reminders:

Team Meeting starts at 5pm. Meet 10mins in early in locker room so you know which classroom we are going to.

Bring something to write with and on!

Practice is 6-9pm on turf in helmets and practice jersey. 

Parents, you will find that once we get off the field, put pads away and back into locker room, it will be more like 9:15pm. General rule of thumb is actual pickup time would be about 20mins after practice is over. 

See you later today!

Coach Bowkett


8/1/2017 7:31:48 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Pre Season Football Schedule

Hello All!

Below is the link for the pre-season football schedule via Google Calendar. 

I'll be relaying info to the team every day during pre-season about attire, times, places, meetings ect. It is pretty acurate but times and places are subject to change. 

Link to Calendar

Be here before you know it!

Coach Bowkett


7/30/2017 6:44:10 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Second Equipment Issue for Instructional Camp Tomorrow

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Tomorrow Monday July 31 we will have our second equipment issue for the Instructional Camp this week at Saint A's at 12:30pm at the boys locker at Souhegan. I'll prop the side door open near the gym and Simeon Wilson.

Let me know if anyone has questions. 

On a separate note, I'll be sending out our pre-season schedule shortly. Most of our practices will generally be in evenings during the week with exception of one joint practice with Goffstown at our place and the first practice for that would start at 3pm. We will go Saturdays mid-morning and will be OFF on Sundays. 

Hope that helps and more info to follow soon!

Coach Bowkett

7/25/2017 11:49:03 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Final Week of OOTAs and Equipment Issue for Players Attending Instructional Camp

Reminder that this week is the final week of OOTAs before we the start of pre-season on Aug 9th. The schedule for rest of week is as follows:

Tuesday: 6pm-730pm start on turf. (note that we will end a little earlier than normal)

Wednesday: 7v7 Practice to ConVal HS. Meet for carpool at back parking lot at Souhegan by football field at 5pm. We will conclude sometime around 730pm. 

Thursday: 6pm-730pm start on turf. 

Thursday: 730pm Equipment issue for anyone attending the instructional camp next week. Meet in locker room. 

Please note for anyone not able to get equipment for instructional camp on Thursday evening who are attending the camp, we will have another equipment issue on Monday July 31 during the day. Time TBA.

Thank you!

Coach Bowkett

7/23/2017 11:26:52 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Southern NH Instructional Football Camp Reminder

Reminder for the So NH Instructional Football Camp that is next week July 31-Aug 3 4:30-8:00pm each night at Saint Anselm College. It is not mandatory but highly recommended as about 35 players participated in it last year and it is a great way to learn some specific football skills early before pre-season starts. 

Equipment issue for the camp will be later on this week either Thursday or Friday and a more concrete day and time will be announced soon. Cost is $100 for whole camp and click on the link below or copy and paste it to a new tab for more details.

As always, reach out with any and all questions.

Coach Bowkett

Cell 603-801-6516

7/17/2017 5:31:54 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
2017 Varsity Football Schedule

2017 Varsity Football Schedule

Friday, 9/1 John Stark at 7:30 PM

Friday, 9/8 @ Trinity (Gill Stadium) at 7:00 PM

Friday, 9/15 St Thomas at 7:30 PM

Friday, 9/22 @ Windham at 7:00 PM

Friday, 9/29 Milford at 7:00 PM

Friday, 10/6 @ West at 6:00 PM

Friday, 10/13 Sanborn at 7:00 PM

Friday, 10/20 HDH at 7:00 PM  (Senior Night)

Saturday, 10/28 @ Hollis-Brookline at 2:00 PM

7/17/2017 5:27:24 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
OOTAs Week of July 17

OOTA's back on this week!

Monday Tuesday Thursday 6-8pm starting on the turf.

Wednesday we will be heading to ConVal for 7v7 practice. Meet at 5pm in the back parking lot next to the football field for carpool. Should be fnished up between 730-8pm.

All are welcome!

7/14/2017 5:54:31 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Special 2 Day Extension on Saber Apparel!

Special 2 Day Extension on Saber Apparel!


Team Code: SOUFB17

Copy and paste link into your URL if having trouble with link



7/11/2017 11:59:39 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Wed ConVal 7v7 Update

Our Wed 7v7 practice with ConVal will now be AT Souhegan on the turf this Wed (7/12) starting at 6pm. Show up 15mins early so we can have time for dynamic stretch and to warm up. We will be done sometime between 730-8pm and is for everyone in the program.

Optional workouts tonight and Thursday night are still on as well as we have an inside plan if we cannot get outside due to inclimate weather. 

Hope that helps and spread the word! 

Coach Bowkett

7/9/2017 3:23:02 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Voluntary Workouts Back On This Week

Optional Organized Team Activities (OOTAs) pick back up this week. We will go M T TH 6-8pm starting on the turf.

On Wed we will travel to ConVal (Peterborough) for our 7v7 joint practice. We will meet at Souhegan HS at the turf parking lot at 5pm. This open to all players as we want to have an older player group and a younger player group so if parents could help carpool for the younger players that would be great. It starts at 6pm and we will go until between 730-8pm. 

Remember to bring cleats, sneakers and water to the workouts. 

Thank you and do not hesitate to reach out,

Robin Bowkett

Cell 603-801-6516

6/28/2017 9:24:39 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
No Voluntary Workouts 4th of July Week

Family and Friends of Souhegan Football,

We will not be holding voluntary workouts next week during the 4th of July. 

Older players who are playing in the Saint Anselm 7v7 Tournament Sunday July 9th will have a brief practice either Thur 7/6 or Fri 7/7. Time for that will be TBA and we will know which players are attending by the end of this week. 

We will start back up the voluntary workouts the week of Monday July 10th.

Enjoy the holiday!


6/26/2017 12:46:58 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Voluntary Workouts/7v7 6/26-6/29

Voluntary workouts this week will be Mon Tues and Thur of this week from 6-8pm and will start on the turf.

Wednesday we will have our first 7v7 vs Con-Val on the turf at Souhegan from 6-730pm and this is for any skill players, linebackers and centers. It is also for all grades as we will split the field in half by upper and underclassmen. 

Lets have another great week!


6/23/2017 6:16:54 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Souhegan Football Team Apparel Store Now Live!

Team Code: SOUFB17

Close Date: July 7th

Check out our flyer at our @sabers_football Twitter page and our Souhegan Saber Football group page on FaceBook!

6/19/2017 4:03:45 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Optional Work Outs This Week 6/19-6-22

Voluntary workouts this week will be Monday-Thursday from 6-8pm. Monday's workout will end a little earlier at 730pm.

We will be lifting, doing speed and agility, conditioning and some skill work. 

Please bring water, sneakers and cleats. 


6/11/2017 7:08:18 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Southern NH Instructional Football Camp Correct Link

Here is the correct link for the So NH Instructional Football Camp


6/10/2017 8:22:14 PM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Saber Football Dates

Hello Sabers!

Here are some summer football dates to mark on your calendars. I'll be sharing a Google Calendar soon with these dates as well. 

Starting June 19th we will have optional lift, speed and agility from 6-8pm Monday-Thursday. We will meet at turf field. We will have 7v7 practice either Mon or Wed and will send confirmation once I get final word from the other two schools. 

Sat June 24: Senior retreat/workshop at Souhegan. It will start around mid-morning and senior parents are encouraged to attend the first hour. More info to follow but it will be an all day mandatory deal for the rising seniors. 

Sun July 9: Saint Anselm Shootout (9 a.m.) for Varsity level players. Cost will be $20 per player.

Sat July 15: Under Armour Northeast 7-on-7 tournament at Exeter High School (10 a.m.) for Varsity level players. Paid for by Souhegan Football Boosters. Thank you!

July 31-Aug 3: Southern NH Instructional Football Camp at Saint Anselm College. Open to everyone. Click here for brochure.

Aug 8: Equipment Issue at Souhegan. Times TBA.

Aug 9: First day of pre-season! 5-9pm and will meet in locker room to start.

That is all for now. If anyone knows of anyone who has not received this who is playing please let me know. I’ve received a few updated emails and that helps a ton as well.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Coach Bowkett




5/30/2017 6:44:41 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Football Signups for Returners/UNH Football Skills Clinic Thur June 1


Football signups are right after school Thur June 1 for all returning and new players who are currently in grades 9-11. Check with Dick Miller but I'm assuming it will be in the cafe. Current 8th graders will have their signups on June 8. 

There will be a one night UNH Football Skills Clinic at Stellos Stadium Thur June 1 as well. I attended these in high school as well and those guys are great. Attached you will find the flyer and waiver form. Just bring the waiver with you to the field and if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. I'll be in the 603 in a couple of weeks!

Coach Bowkett

3/22/2017 6:06:55 PM - Posted by Team Parents
Souhegan High School Football Meet and Greet with Coach Bowkett on March 30th

Hello Everyone and Happy Spring!

The Souhegan High School Gridiron Booster Club is hosting a meet a greet with our new football coach Robin Bowkett on Thursday March 30th from 6:30 - 8:00 PM, Room 120 at SHS.

Please help us out by spreading the word to those who have not been involved in the program.

Stop by and Welcome Robin back to Amherst!

See  you all soon,

Katy & Diane


3/18/2017 9:01:54 AM - Posted by Coach Bowkett
Greetings Saber Football

Greetings SHS Football Parents and Friends!

Hello everyone. I'm Robin Bowkett and honored and humbled to be the new head football coach for the Souhegan Sabers. My wife and I are both SHS '01 alums and as you can imagine, our families are equally excited for us to get back home with our two young girls. 

Souhegan is a dream job for me. All of my best friends to this day, are guys that I played high school football with and were all in my wedding. Coach Beliveau was an instrumental mentor in my life and still is to this day. I bleed black and gold. 

Some dates for families to put on the calendar. Preseason starts Wed Aug 9th. We will most likely do equipment issue the day before for those who did not pick them up earlier in the summer. We will have an optional mini-camp the week prior at either the Hampshire Dome or Bishop Guertin like they have done in the past. We will also have optional weight lifting and skill work throughout the summer. More details on mini-camp and the summer to follow once those dates and times are solidified. 

I'll be in town March 29-April 2. I'll be meeting with the team right after school Thur March 30. There will also be a meet and greet with the head coach that night as well for parents. Time and place will be announced by the boosters. I'll also be meeting with the 8th graders during their lunch period at some point one of those days. 

That is about it for now. I apologize for delay in email as I was having a few issues with the website. My hope is to be in Amherst permanently in early June. My family will be staying with my folks for most of the summer as looking for jobs, houses and relocating does not happen overnight. Below is my personal contact info and the best way to get a hold of me. I can answer any and all questions and will do so when I meet with the parents the evening of March 30.

Thank you and really excited to coach the young men and get back to our roots,

Robin Bowkett



1/8/2017 10:50:38 AM - Posted by Coach Lochman
Football Banquet Recap

Thank you all for the great night last night, as we gathered one last time to celebrate the dedication, hard work and accomplishments of all our 2016 Sabers Football athletes and volunteers! The food and desserts were excellent, and the evening was capped of by an exciting highlight video put together by Brian Bowman! 

Several players were honored and recognized last night. Here is a re-cap of all those awards:

Team Recognition Awards:

VARSITY OFFENSIVE MVP:  #28 Dante Savo (Tailback)

VARSITY DEFENSIVE MVP: #23 Tucker Aiello (Inside Linebacker)

VARSITY MOST IMPROVED PLAYER: #76 Jacob Roberts (Center, Defensive End)

VARSITY LINEMAN OF THE YEAR: #70 Luuc Grondstra (Offensive Tackle, Defensive End)

VARSITY "DO YOUR JOB" AWARD: #42 Sam Ezequelle (Fullback, Guard, Linebacker, Nose Guard, Punter)


SUB-VARSITY TEAM MVP: #20 Jacob Grassett (RB, LB)



NHIAA Football Honors:

#23 Tucker Aiello (sr, captain)

  • CHaD East-West All Star
  • 1st Team Division 2 All-State ILB
  • Nashua Telegraph All-Area LB

 #28 Dante Savo (jr)

  • 1st Team Division 2 All-State RB
  • Nashua Telegraph All-Area DB

#70 Luuc Grondstra (sr, captain)

  • CHaD East-West All Star
  • 1st Team Division 2 All-State OL
  • Nashua Telegraph All-Area OL

NHIAA Football Official's Sportsmanship Award

  • Tucker Aiello

Thanks again for everyone who contributed to a memorable season and a successful recognition banquet. I wish you all the best in 2017 and beyond!

-Coach Lochman

8/27/2016 2:50:46 PM - Posted by Coach Lochman
SABERS IN THE NEWS: Queen City Football Highlights and Recap

Sabers Queen City Football Jamboree coverage video includes interviews with Luuc Grondstra, Kyle Archambault, David Labonte and Palmer Belowski!

Union Leader Coverage:

NH High School Sports Coverage: